An industry leader providing brand name products, service and solutions saving businesses time & money

Local service. Local supply. Guaranteed quality

Helping Clients Achieve their Print Management objectives One-Page-At-A -Time

Local service. Local supply. Guaranteed quality

Providing the necessary tools to allow your business to evolve and gain efficiency

Local service. Local supply. Guaranteed quality

Latest available technology, remanufactured locally.


    In today's business in order to stand out, you expect to portray a professional image for your printed documents...
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    Strategically and centrally located in Dorval, we presently occupy space totaling 10 000 square feet in a recently constructed...
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    We believe that the recognition of quality must be achieved by constant improvement and refinement and by maintaining...
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    We sell our own brand of cartridges that are produced in a state-of-the-art facility centrally located in Dorval, Quebec...
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    The Green's your choice. By choosing remanufactured Eco cartridges you take positive action for your environment...
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Certified & reputable repair service professionals.




    Whether On-site or in our service facility depot center, Century Laser's qualified technicians can offer a quick assessment of your equipment failures. With a thorough diagnostic of your printer, multifunction, fax or copier equipment our support team can have you up and running for your critical office printing operations in some cases within the same day.

    Warranty repairs including parts are offered for several Manufacturers and with a quick turnaround in most cases within 24hrs.

    Century Laser's extensive inventory list of Genuine, refurbished and OEM equivalent parts is reassurance that your equipment will never be down when you need them most.

    Always guaranteed, your entire satisfaction is our primary goal.

A unique resource for all your print management requirements.




    In today's economy, everyone is looking for ways to cut costs. For most companies the ongoing expense of office printing toner supplies , routine preventative maintenance, and break-fix service—is an unexplored opportunity for significant, long term savings. Our dedicated team has 25 years of experience in delivering a pro-active completely autonomous Managed print service to help your small and medium businesses (SMBs) centralize management of all your devices—including printers, copiers and multifunction printers from leading equipment manufacturers.


    In your quest to maximize business efficiency & productivity and reduce management costs, you might be surprised by the savings and greater competitive advantage you can achieve with a fully optimized and well-managed outsourced Managed Print Service.In fact, studies have shown that managing your fleet through our managed Print service solution can save you upwards of 30% on your total printing costs.

    This is what the Century Laser Managed Print Service (MPS) is all about, and why we are considered a trusted source for reducing environmental waste & increasing office productivity while driving down expenses for businesses.


    You pay only for the managed print services you use while we take care of the rest...providing detailed reports and consumption trends for your budgeting requirements.


    Let a trusted company dedicated to the the printer equipment industry and a leader in print solutions become an outsourcing partner for all your on-site office printing equipment , liberating your personnel to more strategic tasks.

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About Century Laser Enterprises

Century Laser Enterprises is dedicated to this industry, your guarantee that our product will remain at the forefront of technology. We are proud to serve some Fortune 500 companies, Corporate accounts, both Provincial and Federal Governments, Municipalities, Educational and Health institutions as well as thousands of Small Office & Home Office (SOHO) businesses.

Century Laser Enterprises has been offering the highest quality products & exceptional service since 1989 and with innovation and refreshing it's strategies and technology will continue to be the industry leader.

Century Laser Enterprises has built its strong foundation by providing the latest products backed by recognized Leading Manufacturers including Xerox, HP and Lenovo and supported by our own company thus offering a total solution to our partners.

Our future is built on solid relations and our clients recognize that our approach saves them time and money.

Our Mission

Century Laser Enterprises and its employees are commited to minimizing energy resources, reducing landfill and continually improving on our process of recycling toner cartridges for laser printer, fax and copiers.

Century Laser Enterprises strives to constantly improve on its quality for remanufactured toner cartridges and is always conscious about respecting the environment, by reducing the quantity of plastic cores, components and reusable packaging materials that end up in waste landfills unnecessarily.

Saving Landfills, One-Cartridge-at-a-time.

Cartridge and Cartridge Component Disposal

Century Laser Enterprises understands that its responsibility as a recycling firm is to reuse and recycle cartridges. However in order to maintain the quality of its products, certain components need to be eliminated and replaced with components that encourage a longer life.

We have found certain companies that are interested in the purchase of used components such as the aluminium and metal for recycling, and therefore these components are collected in designated areas in our facility and picked up at unscheduled random intervals based on quantity allowance.

We have also recently initiated a program for storing the plastic shells that have been damaged or are not reusable as well any other plastic components that are replaced in the remanufacturing process until a useful source for these products are found.

All other cartridge components are reused for the remanufacturing process and inspected at every cycle to ensure that all conformities to quality are met.

All packaging materials used are made of recyclable carton and CFC (chlorofluorocarbons) free foams which can be cleaned and used indefinetely or until excessive wear is evident.

We utilize the services of RCI for the recycling of deteriorated carton packaging, paper and original cartridge boxes that are retrieved from our office use & in our warehouse and testing areas.

Century Laser Enterprises and its employees ensure that all empty cartridges are picked up when we deliver & that necessary waybills and return packaging for all courrier shipments are provided to accomodate the return of those empty cartridges.

Make the ecological choice; because the environmental implications are significant.

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